On July 20th 2022, the global cancer research community comes together to focus on raising awareness for glioblastomas and those fighting this highly malignant brain tumor.

For this years #GBMDay, our scientific co-principal investigator Quinn T. Ostrom wrote a blog post for our colleagues at NAACCR about the incidence and survival rates of glioblastomas using data from our annual report.

You can read the blog post on NAACCR’s website here: Glioblastoma: The Leading Cause of Death due to Brain Tumors in the United States.

Average Annual Age-Adjusted Incidence Rates for Glioblastoma Overall, and by Age, Sex, Race, and Ethnicity (Data from CBTRUS 2021 Statistical Report: US Cancer Statistics – NPCR and SEER, 2014-2018)
Kaplan-Meier Survival Curves for Glioblastoma by Age Group at Diagnosis (Ages 0-14, 15-39, 40-64, and 65+ Years) (Data from CBTRUS 2021 Statistical Report: CDC’s National Program of Cancer Registries, 2001-2017)